Buccal Facial Massage

This massage technique was invented in France by a massage therapist named Joelle Siocco, who has been doing it for over 30 years, including research in the cosmetology and beauty fields.

The innovative and renowned technique is offered by only a handful of facial OST’s worldwide.
This treatment consists of three main elements, working on every muscle in the face. It is done by simultaneously massaging the inner and outer of muscles of the mouth, working carefully inside the cheek, lip and jawline.
A course of treatments is recommended for long-lasting results. 
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  • Last summer I had the cellulite treatment at Endoslim, I am very pleased with my results.

    Now I keep up with maintenance to keep Cellulite free.

               Ewa P - November 2016.

  • My experience with Endoslim has been great, the kindness and dedication made me feel better. Boosted my self esteem and I thank you from the bottom of my heart

               Daniela R - October 2015

  • My knees treatment was a huge success thanks for a fantastic result which has meant that at long last I can wear shorts and skirts

    Tina W, Berkhamsted – August 2014

  • With NO downtime needed, normal life can be resumed immediately after each session

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  • Endoslim treatment room is very clean and light and Estefania is very good at making you feel relaxed and is warm and friendly

    Jacky D, Berkhamsted – June 2014

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