Endermolift Express

Areas of concern can be effectively managed by individual fast and cost effective treatments. Targeted  as required.

Endermolift Classic

A complete face treatment providing fast visible results delivering radiance and anti-fatigue effects amplified with each session. 

Endoslim GOLD

Intensive Collagen boost treatment for the face that takes place over 3 consecutive days, combined with Endermolift. 

It’s not a facial, it’s HydraFacial. We believe that beauty is a feeling, not a physical attribute, and the results from HydraFacial will leave you ready to face life face first. HydraFacial technology is unique, and so are the results it achieves.

This massage technique was invented in France by a massage therapist named Joelle Siocco, who has been doing it for over 30 years, including research in the cosmetology and beauty fields.


Lipomassage treatments slim down fat deposits, smooth cellulite, firm loose skin, enhance body contours, drain retained fluids.

-Face Lift
-Body slimming
-Cellulite Smoothing

An ideal treatment for musculoskeletal issues.
It involves sustained pressure using slow and deep strokes to target the inner layers of muscles.
Treatment duration is 55 minutes


A relaxing full body massage using a blend of tailored oils to suit your emotional and physical needs.

Deep cleansing & revigorating full body scrub.
A special handmade sea salt and luxury oils scrub followed by a hot shower and a layer of body butter to complete the revigorating experience.
Duration 55 minutes.

This beautiful body wrap begins with a full body scrub followed by a powerful marine mud wrap.

This full-body massage is tailored to suit your individual needs using massage techniques.

Duration 55 minutes. 

The Part Body, Back, Neck & Shoulder Treatment uses a specific blend of oils to promote relieving muscle spasm and helps better blood circulation.

This reduces pressure in the head. It can help also reduce migraines.

Duration is 25 minutes.

This treatment is relaxing and energizing, and that involves stimulation to improve circulation activating the lymphatic points.
Reliving tired sore fatigue, and allowing blood circulation and relaxation on the muscles.

Duration is 40 minutes.

Take a look through our gallery of results that highlight the success of our treatments which lead to some of the glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers.


Treatment naturally reactivates youthfulness cells (fibroblasts) that produce collagen and elastin in order to redensify the skin


90% of women are prone to cellulite, affecting the fatty layer of the hypodermis, divided by parallel septa. The Lipomassage technique can release imprisoned fat to smooth cellulite

Collagen and
Elastin Fibers

Collagen provides skin firmness and elastin enhances flexibility. Numbers of collagen and elastin fibres decrease with age, the techniques can naturally and gently reactivate their synthesis.

Venous lymphatic network

With its fast acting, effective and pain free action, treatments address problems associated with venal failure, “heavy leg” sensations and water retention

Fat Cells

The treatment naturally boosts Lipolysis (the release of fat cells) to remove fat cells (adipocytes)


Using the treatment head, the therapist can mobilise the targeted muscles in order to relieve tensions and spasms