About Us

Endoslim is Born

From the mind of a mother who was looking to regain confidence in her after giving birth:

I recall clearly a time when my young son was learning tennis and I began to question how I could regain some of my confidence as he was gaining his. I studied some magazines and came across LPG endermologie . Further reading and some treatments myself, inspired me.

Very soon I had a belief that this was something that I should share with others. Everyone has some detail where a small improvement can have an enormous impact on wellbeing & confidence.

I began to work from home with a single machine and it delivered great results. I soon built up a wide range of loyal clients made up of all age groups.

My ladies (that's is how I like to refer to my lovely clients) share the same opinion that we are fighting for Natural beauty.That is what Endoslim is all about - working with the beauty within.

All my treatments have been built on high-end machinery that provides beautiful and younger-looking skin. We work on the deepest layers to stimulate collagen and fibroblasts to rejuvenate, shape, lift and contour both face and body. Delivering a natural glow and tighter skin.

Endoslim Day Spa

This dream has finally become a reality, with a move from my single beauty room to commercial premises!

With 6 weeks until Christmas, I saw my self on a flight to NY chasing higher qualifications. I went on a very intensive training course just days before Endoslim reached the streets of Hertfordshire.

Being quite ambitious, I couldn’t accept to be just another beautician in the market. I needed to have something else to offer to pursue a bigger and better future. That’s when I realised that Endoslim could be Endoslim Day Spa too!


Estefania Corrigan